Saturday, 31 January 2009

Cookie & Co

At 180 Garratt Lane, Cookie & Co is just what every neighbourhood needs - your authentic greasy spoon + Thai food joint! Run by Mrs Napawan and her family, they've been in situ for 18 years, since they saw the light and moved south of the river from the wilds of Acton. We are loyal fans, although to be honest I can only tell you what egg, chips and beans twice, sausage, chips and beans, and black pudding on toast tastes like, because that's all we ever order! The chips are primo though - none of your frozen packet stuff. And I've tried the hot and sour chicken noodle soup which was delicious and nose-runningly spicy - huge portion and great value, especially when you think what you would pay at Wagamama for something more generic.

They went back to Bangkok for their Christmas hols and boy did we miss them! Not that Garratt Lane is short of greasy spoon caffs, but more of that in future posts...