Saturday, 14 February 2009

Aspire Centre Southfields

Alright, strictly speaking, this isn't on Garratt Lane. In fact, it's on the Merton Road at number 337, but I happen to use it, OK? And here's the link. It's Southfields Community College in the daytime and all the facilities - like the swimmingpool, outdoor climbing wall, netball courts, gym etc - are available to the public at evenings and weekends and they have loads of classes, from languages to salsa. Reception today was manned (or rather girled) by two young ladies, one who was doing her A levels, and another who was doing a degree in Social Studies at the Roehampton Institute, but they were too shy (or sensible) to be named, so I can only say that they were charming and helpful. Apparently swimming is the most popular activity and the place is well-used.

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